TimeClock Plus Quick Reference Guide: For Students

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Video Help Guides

How to Log In Using TimeClock Plus

How to Use the Web Clock in TimeClock Plus

Student Time Entry-WebClock

Logging Time

To register time worked, workers need to complete Clock-In and Clock-Out cycles so that the timekeeping system will have an accurate record of the time spent working on a job.

There are two methods to register time within the TimeClock Plus system.

One method is to use a physical timeclock terminal. These are found in various locations scattered around campus.

The other method is to utilize what is called a WebClock. The WebClock is a web-based application devoted to providing a similar timekeeping experience as the physical timeclock terminals-but through a web browser. This allows the timekeeping interface to be available to more employees without the inconvenience of going to a physical timeclock terminal to keep time.

Webclock Dashboard and Login Screen Buttons

In Order to Clock In or Clock Out for a job, we need to access the WebClock portal via web browser.

Enter the WebClock URL shown below. Be sure to bookmark it.
You will then see the login screen for WebClock.

See Figure 1.

Figure 1. WebClock Login

Directly from here, you can Clock In, Clock Out, and if applicable, Break, Change Job, and Change Cost Center.

In the Badge/ID Number field, enter your T-Number without the letter T or leading zeroes.
For example, T00000001 becomes 1 and T01339337 becomes 1339337.

Click the button identifying whichever task you wish to do.

You will then be asked for your PIN. This is a 4 digit number. By default, it may be the last 4 digits of your National ID number or Social Security number. If you have changed it before, use the latest number.
This can be reset by PIN RESET procedure.

Enter your PIN and click Log On.

You may access the Dashboard for some extra functionality.

Enter Badge/ID Number and click "LOG ON TO DASHBOARD" near the bottom.

Enter your PIN and click Log On.

Clocking In through the WebClock Dashboard

To Clock In for a job, click the "Clock In" menu button at top of the dashboard.

See Figure 2.

Figure 2. Clock In button

Verify the information shown on the screen. Be certain that you wish to clock in and click Continue.

A student worker may have MANY jobs to choose from. We will now select the current Job that we are clocking in for. Be sure that this is accurate as the time will need to be verified by the job supervisor before the hours are sent to payroll. Click on the relevant Job and hit Continue.

See Figure 3.

Figure 3. Clock In Job Selection

A message will appear that indicates a successful Clock In.

See Figure 4.

Figure 4. Clock In Success

You can verify the Clock In or Out status at any time by checking the information at the upper right of the dashboard screen. You may now click Log Off or close the browser window.

See Figure 5.

Figure 5. Dashboard Clock Status

Clocking Out through the WebClock Dashboard

The steps to Clock Out are very similar to Clock In-except there will no job selection.

Log into the WebClock Dashboard.

When we log in, at the top right, we see that we are currently Clocked In and the time that we clocked in last is indicated.

See Figure 6.

Figure 6. WebClock Clock Out and Status

Verify your information and that you wish to clock out and click Continue.

See Figure 7.

Figure 7. Clock Out Verification

A message will appear that indicates a successful Clock Out. You may now click Log Off or close the browser window.

Changing Jobs While Clocked In

There may come a time when a worker will need to be reallocated to another job during their workday. This may be accomplished post "Clock In" by using the "Change Job" menu from the WebClock dashboard.

Access the WebClock dashboard and assure that you are clocked in.
Within the dashboard, click the "Change Job" menu button.

See Figure 8.

Figure 8. WebClock Change Job

Verify that we want to "Change Job" and click Continue.

See Figure 9.

Figure 9. WebClock Change Job Verification

Select the job you wish to change to from the list and click Continue. The job we are CURRENTLY clocked into will be absent from the list.

See Figure 10.

Figure 10. WebClock Change Job Selection

A message will appear that indicates a successful Change Job.


If you go to the "View" menu and select "Hours", you will see your hours that have been logged by the TimeClock Plus system. We can see that our Change Job was registered and is indicated by the Job changing to our selected value in the right-hand column.

The blue bracket in the "Link" column of the hours view indicates that these segments reside within the same Clock-In session.

We can click the Notes icon and leave a note for our manager about either segment if need be.

See Figure 11.

Figure 11. WebClock View Hours


If you go to the "View" menu and select "Schedules", you will see your schedule that have been assigned by your manager. The schedule shows the times, job, any notes made by the manager.

See Figure 12.

Figure 12

Last Punch

This one is pretty self-explanatory. It shows the details of the last punch that the employee made.

Figure 13


Student employees do not accrue time.


This tab shows any messages that have been sent out by the manager or Oberlin College.

Figure 14