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Faculty and staff may place their own requests for new computers, computer upgrades or replacements or may do so on behalf of a subordinate. CIT provides one computer to each person who is employed at least half time by the college.

In general, CIT strives to maintain a 5+ year refresh cycle; however, organizational and individual need are the primary factors when evaluating a request.

Submitting Your Request

From the home page of the CIT Tech Support Portal, click on Request a Service and fill out the form for New or Replacement Computer Requests .

What Happens After a Request is Submitted?

Once we've received your request, CIT's Client Services will review your request in consultation with appropriate administrators. You can visit the CIT Tech Support Portal and click on "My Requests" at any time after your request has been submitted to see its current status. When your computer request is approved, the Client Services will place an order for your computer and contact you to inform you of the approval. When the computer arrives, this Client Services staff member will set up your computer with all the required software and then will contact you to schedule a delivery time.

Computer Deliveries

New faculty and staff will receive their computers based on their arrival date. Faculty arriving for the fall semester will receive their computers in July and August. Faculty arriving for the spring semester will receive their computers in January. Incoming staff will receive their computers as quickly as possible, as resources allow.

User Responsibilities

Faculty and staff are responsible for taking normal and reasonable precautions in using, caring for and securing all College-owned equipment. Any damage or loss MUST be reported immediately to the Center for Information Technology. The College does not provide insurance on this equipment and the user will be held responsible for any damage or loss due to neglect. On departure from the College, all technology-related items must be returned to CIT.

Additional Information

More details for about the Replacement Budget (RB) process are available here.