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Printing Portal

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Oberlin College provides a number of different outlets for printing to our campus community including in computer labs, departments and offices both from college-owned and personally owned computers.

Departmental Printing (iPrint)
Most computers issued to faculty and staff are already set up to print to a networked, departmental printer nearby. If your computer is having problems printing, a Help Desk analyst may ask you to reinstall iPrint, the software that powers printing here at Oberlin. Find out more about iPrint by clicking on the link above.

Departmental Printing (Konica)
A handful of departments on campus have large, multi-function, Konica printers/copiers. Both support and maintenance for this type of printer is not supported within CIT itself, but rather by Meritech Blue. If you need assistance with your Konica Copier/Printer please call Meritech Blue at 216-271-5800.

Lab Printing
Click the link above for more details on printing costs, printing on various types of paper, and how to get assistance with printing.

Personal, Wireless Printers in Dorms and Offices
CIT does not support personal, wireless printers on campus in residential halls or offices. Wireless printers can interfere with ObieWifi and cause degraded network performance for users connected to ObieWifi, meaning simply that you and the other people in your dorm or office will have slower connections if there are wireless printers set up in your building. For this reason, we ask that you connect directly to your printer using a USB cable when you would like to print in your residence, and disable its wireless features.

Printer Service Checklist
If your printer is not working, please use this checklist to try to remedy the problem yourself or to submit the correct information to CIT for service.

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