Manual iPrint Setup

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Manual Setup for Windows

  1. Click Start, Control Panel, and then choose Devices and Printers.
  2. If you are reinstalling a printer, delete the old printer by right clicking and choosing the option to delete.
  3. Click Add a Printer. Click Next.
  4. Click Add a local printer. Click Next.
  5. Click Create a new port.
  6. Under Type of port, choose Standard TCP/IP Port.
  7. Under Hostname or IP Address, enter
  8. Under Port Name, enter your printer name. You can get your printer name by visiting to see a list of all available printers. Click Next.
  9. Click Custom, then press the Setting button. Click Next.
  10. Under Protocol, click the LPR radio button.
  11. Under LPR Settings, type the printer name in the Queue Name field.
  12. Click the LPR Byte Counting Enabled checkbox. Click OK.
  13. Click Next.
  14. Select your printer model from the Install Printer Diver dialog box. This can be found by visiting and to the right of your printer in the list is an information button, click this to see the correct driver to select. Click Next.
  15. Type your printer name in the Printer name: box. Click Next.

Manual Setup for Macs

Mac OS X 10.7 and earlier requires a manual setup to work with iPrint.

  1. Open System Preferences and choose the Printers & Scanners pane.
  2. Under the list of printers in the left-hand column, choose the + button.
  3. Choose the IP icon at the top of the window.
  4. In the Address field, enter:
  5. Choose Protocol: Line Printer Daemon – LPD
  6. Queue: Enter the name of the print queue to use. (The print queue name can be found on a label on the front of the printer, or visit for a list of all available.)
  7. Change the Name: field to the same name in the Queue name used above in Step 6.
  8. From the Use: drop down menu, choose Select Software...
  9. Scroll to find your appropriate printer driver. For faster driver location, in the search box of the Printer Software list, type the printer model number, i.e. 4350 or p4, and click Okay.
  10. Then click Add.
  11. Click Skip and add the features of your printer, such as Tray 3 and Duplex Unit.
  12. Click Okay.