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Welcome to the CIT Wiki,
the Oberlin College Center for Information Technology's home of how-to information.
For immediate assistance, email the CIT Help Desk at, call us at x58197, visit us at the CIT Technology Help Desk in the center of the Academic Commons

on the main floor of Mudd Center, or the main CIT Help Desk in Mudd 112B.

Featured article: CIT launches new online technology support portal


Recently Oberlin faculty, students, and staff were hit with a phishing email message. There are some telltale signs that can help you determine whether a message was sent by Oberlin College CIT, HR, or other legitimate organization, or by a spammer hoping to steal your confidential information.

Keep an eye out for:

  • Poor grammar, spelling, or punctuation
  • Email coming from an address that does NOT end in or that you do not recognize
  • Threats in the message telling you to respond or click on a link or something dire will happen
  • Links included in the message which you have not asked for or do not resolve to an Oberlin URL
  • Messages that are not signed by an actual person, but instead signed by a generic positional name, such as Administrator, Admin, HR, Account Manager, The Oberlin Team, Ebay Admin, Bank Administrator, etc.

Visit the phishing page to take a deeper look at the message that was sent over the weekend and how you can spot the red flags.

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