Leaving Oberlin Checklist

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On your last day of employment with Oberlin College, your email account, Google documents, Blackboard, VPN, Microsoft Office 365™, Oberlin College Library databases and journals, and other digital resources associated with your ObieID will be permanently terminated. Before your end date, complete the following checklist to ensure that all data is safely transferred before your account is deleted.

Green check icon.png Transfer the ownership of College-related Google Drive files to another Oberlin account

You may have shared Google docs with another user, but once your account is deleted, the files will also be deleted and they will no longer have access. To ensure that College business is not interrupted, change the ownership of these files before you leave.

Please refer to Google's help documentation for instructions on how to transfer ownership: Transfer Google File Ownership

Note: When you make someone else the owner of a folder, you still own the files inside. If you want someone to own all of the files within a folder, you must add them as the owner to each file individually.

Green check icon.png Move personal files away from your Google Drive

Use Google's Takeout tool to create and download an archive of any personal Google Docs you own. This archive can also save a copy of your email messages, saved Drive, Calendar, or Contacts data.

Green check icon.png Return any computer equipment assigned to you to CIT, including all adapters and accessories

Green check icon.png Set an out-of-office response to meet the needs of your department

Set an out-of-office response on the day you leave. The response should direct the sender to forward business-related email to a new email address, and if desired, indicate where personal email can be directed. For example: This account is no longer active: all business-related email should be directed to (xxxx@oberlin.edu) and any personal email can be directed to (xxx@xxx.com).

Green check icon.png Copy personal Oberlin email to your personal Gmail account

There are several options for transferring any personal email from your Oberlin account to a personal Gmail account.

  1. use Google's Mail Fetcher tool
    • IMPORTANT: If you choose the Google Mail Fetcher, it can take a week or more to migrate all your mail, so don’t wait to start moving it!
  2. use a desktop email client to move your email messages to another account or
  3. transfer your Mail and Google docs via Google Takeouts’ transfer feature

Green check icon.png Take your contacts, too!

Export your contacts to Google CSV format for importing into a another email account.

Green check icon.png Do you have any Google Calendars or Calendar Resources you’ve shared with the department?

If you are the owner of shared Oberlin calendars, these will be deleted upon your departure. Please make arrangements to transfer ownership of these documents to another Oberlin account holder.

Please refer to Google's help documentation for instructions on how to Transfer Google Calendar Ownership or Export Events from Google Calendar.

This also applies to Calendar Resources (rooms that you are responsible for scheduling through Google). If you are the owner of a room/calendar resource, make sure to transfer ownership to another person at Oberlin before departing.

Green check icon.png Identify a new owner for any email lists or groups you own

If you are the owner of a listserv or Google Group, you will need to identify a new owner for that list. Contact Production.Services@oberlin.edu with the contact information for the new owner.

Green check icon.png Move personal files away from your computer or your G drive

Copy any personal files to another medium, which could be a flash drive, external hard drive, or cloud storage (for example personal Google, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft, or Apple accounts).