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CIT uses a product called PaperCut to enable printing in the computer lab. While the printing process is simple, it differs slightly from our existing system.

How to Print from a Lab Computer

  1. Select Print from the File menu in the application you are using. The Print dialog box will appear. Make sure the appropriate print queue is selected (for the printer you wish to print from). All the lab computers are configured to print to the printer in that particular lab. (If you find this to not be the case, please send a message to
  2. Upon sending a document to print, you will be prompted to enter your ObieID and password.
  3. Pick up your document on the printer. Unlike our previous system, there's no need to swipe your card near the printers; your print job will be released immediately.

How to Print from Your Own Computer

Want to print from your own computer to a public lab? Try the PaperCut Web Print page.

Checking Your Balance

Funds are then decremented from, first, the user's Free Print Account, then, when that has been depleted, from the user's ObieDollar account. You can check your quota, environmental impact, request a reimbursement for a failed print job, and other printing data at any time by clicking on the PaperCut shortcut located on the desktop of any lab computers or by visiting

Printing for Visitors

If you're visiting Oberlin College, you can print in any of our labs provided you have a Sponsored Account. A sponsored account can be created by any student, faculty or staff member at the College or you can obtain one through several offices on campus including the CIT Help Desk Office in Mudd 112B, any library circulation desk, or alumni office. All sponsored accounts include $2.00 of print credit, enough to print about 25 pages.

Printing Costs

Black and White

Black and white sheets cost $0.12 per single-sided page and $0.16 per double-sided page. Entirely black-and-white jobs sent to a color printer will be charged at the COLOR rate.


Color sheets cost $1.00 per single-sided page and $2.00 per double-sided page. Entirely black-and-white jobs sent to a color printer will be charged at the COLOR rate.

Student Print Quota

All students' accounts are reset to $40 worth of free printing at the beginning of each semester.

During the summer, print quotas will be set to $0 (students, faculty, and staff working on campus during the summer months can request print funds by contacting CIT.)

Adding More Quota

Faculty and Staff can request more funds by emailing Students can add more money to their ObieDollars when their free print is exhausted. If you transfer funds from ObieDollars to print quota, this money cannot be transferred back again. Visitors using a Sponsored account to print and require more than the default value of $2.00 should visit the CIT Help Desk Office in Mudd 112B.

Reimbursements for Lost Print Jobs

CIT will reimburse users for lost/unreadable printouts. To request a refund:

  • Click on Recent Print Jobs in the left-hand sidebar and locate the failed print job.
  • In the status column, click the Request Refund link.
  • Enter a reason for requesting the refund (e.g., job never printed, ink was too faint, etc.).
  • Click Send.

CIT may deny a refund request if it is for a job printed more than 1 week ago or if there is not a satisfactory reason for refund entered with the request.