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Banner Self Service (formerly PRESTO) is used by students to register for classes, by students who have been admitted but who have not yet paid in order to access Financial Aid information and/or the status of their application for financial aid, by faculty to check on the status of students in their classes, and by employees (staff and faculty) for personal employee data. Your Banner Self Service account does not get deleted upon graduation or termination of employment; you can continue to access these records indefinitely.

Username and Password

To log in to Banner Self Service, use your ObieID and password.

If you do not remember your ObieID password, visit OCPass to reset it. If you have not received your ObieID or need additional assistance with logging in, contact the CIT Help Desk at or 440-775-8197.

Quick Guide to Banner Self Service Registration

  1. Go to OberView ( using an approved web browser
    Banner 9 web registration is recommended on these web browsers
  2. Access the Prepare for Registration task by doing ONE of the following:
    1. In the search bar, type Prepare for Registration and click on the task.
    2. In the search bar, type Course Registration and click on the Course Registration task center from the search results. Click on Prepare for Registration.
    3. In the search bar, type Student Registration Landing Page. Click on that task and then on the Prepare for Registration link.
    OberView Course Registration Pinned Section
    Student Registration Landing Page within Banner Self Service
  3. When presented with the single sign-on (SSO) page, enter your ObieID and password and click Login.
    Single Sign-On Login Page
  4. Click on the drop-down menu to select the correct term. If the RAP is required, you will be presented with a RAP fill-in box below the term dropdown. Click Continue.
    Registration Term Selection Page
  5. The resulting page will display your status, holds, registration windows, and basic information about yourself (class year, declared majors, etc.) as shown below. Make a mental note of when you can actually register for classes or return to this page to check at any time. Remember, the system will not allow you to add or drop classes until the moment your window opens.
    Prepare for Registration Page
  6. Click on Registration in the menu bar beside "Student" to return to the Student Registration Landing Page.
    Registration Landing Page Link
  7. Click on Register for Classes (highlighted below). The system will again ask you to choose a term.
    Register for Classes Link
  8. From here, you can search for classes using the Find Classes tab (similar to the advanced search in PRESTO), using CRNs in the Enter CRNs tab, and in the near future, by pulling in your planned schedule from Degree Works. The Schedule and Options will populate once you are registered for the term.
    Find Classes Function in Banner Self Service
    If we choose the first option and search using the Find Classes tab, let’s see what searching for an Anthropology course looks like:
    Sample search for an Anthropology class
  9. At this point, you can click on the underlined course title to the left to view more about the course, or you can click on the Add button to the right to add the course to your preliminary schedule (the course will then show in the summary section to the bottom right of the screen and on the schedule to the bottom left of the screen – see below). **Note – this is just preliminarily added to the schedule. Notice that the course is grayed out on the schedule to the left and the status in the summary shows as Pending.
    Adding courses to your schedule
  10. Click on the Submit button at the far bottom right to add the course to your schedule. If successful, it will now show on both the schedule to the left and in the summary to the right, as such:
    Schedule and Summary
  11. Once the course is on your schedule, by clicking on the Schedule and Options tab, you can see all courses for which you are registered.
    Note the highlighted e-mail icon to the top right of the screen (shown below). By clicking on this icon, you can e-mail a copy of your schedule to your e-mail.
    Schedule and Options

Congratulations! You are now registered via the new Banner 9 Self Service!

Error Messages

Any error messages when attempting to add classes will display on the screen. You will have to then search for additional course options, resolve the error message by gaining online consent from the professor, or completing a time conflict form and submitting it to the AARC/Registrar’s Office, etc.

Error messages may require you to acknowledge the message by pressing an “OK” button before you will be allowed to continue modifying your class registration.

Additional Tips

Expand or Hide Areas

When using the Register for Classes function, you’ll notice arrows between the displays that can be used to close or expand the areas – shown highlighted here:

Banner Self Service Expansion Arrows

By clicking on these arrows, you can see more (or less) information in each of the panels. By clicking on the far left arrow in the middle of the page, it expands the Schedule and Summary areas as such:

Schedule and Summary Expansion

Clicking on the center dot to the right of the left arrow restores the page to its original format. Clicking on the right arrow expands the top section of the page and removes the Schedule and Summary sections as such:

Search Criteria Expansion

In the same way, the arrows and dot shown between the Schedule and Summary sections can be used to close or expand each of those sections in turn.

Where to go for Help

If you: Please contact: Phone extension:
Need help with Banner Self Service or some aspect of the registration process The Office of the Registrar 58450
Need help connecting to Banner Self Service The CIT Help Desk 58197
Have questions about a waitlist for a specific course The academic department offering the course will vary
Need to get consent to register for a course The individual responsible for the consent; the instructor, the department chair, or the Conservatory Associate Dean (for Con courses requiring Dean's Consent) will vary