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Adobe Creative Cloud is a software as a service offering from Adobe Systems that gives users access to a collection of software developed by Adobe for graphic design, video editing, web development, photography. It includes favorites like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to new tools like Adobe Experience Design CC (Preview).

Download Creative Cloud

On a College-Owned Computer

Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop

The Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application is your central location for managing the dozens of apps and services that are included in your Creative Cloud membership. You can use this tool to install any of the individual creative applications such as Photoshop or Acrobat.

  1. Visit the CIT Software Downloads page. Enter your ObieID and password to gain access.
  2. Download the Creative Cloud desktop app, launch the installer, and follow the onscreen instructions to install.
  3. Contact the CIT Client Services staff at to obtain a named license.

AICUO Adobe License Invitation

  1. Launch the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application and click Sign in. (Ignore the 'start your 30 day free trial' message.)
  2. On the sign in page, enter the username given to you by Client Services. You might see a prompt to choose which account to use. If you see 'Choose an account for ... ', select 'Enterprise ID (Company or school account).'

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Only

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is the premium version of Adobe Reader and enables users to create, edit, convert, combine, digitally sign, encrypt, export, and publish PDF files.

Oberlin College faculty and staff are eligible to run Adobe Acrobat Pro DC on their College-provided computer for free. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC comes bundled with the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application but if you do not anticipate needing Creative Cloud applications beyond Acrobat, you can request a standalone copy.

To request Adobe Acrobat Pro DC only, please drop by the CIT Help Desk with your laptop or contact the CIT Client Services staff at A staff member will contact you schedule an appointment to install Adobe Acrobat Pro DC on your college-owned desktop computer.

On a Personally-Owned Home Computer

Faculty and staff members that want to install Adobe Creative Cloud on a personally-owned home computer can purchase Adobe Creative Cloud at a discounted rate ($9.75 annually). Students, alumni, retirees, and emeritus faculty are not eligible.

To download a home version, go to and enter a valid Oberlin email address to complete your purchase.

Install Creative Cloud Applications

Once you've downloaded and installed the Creative Cloud desktop app, you can use it to access, download, and update any of the individual creative applications.

Creative Cloud Installation Window
  1. Click the Creative Cloud icon, located in the taskbar (Windows) or Apple menu bar (Mac OS), to open the Creative Cloud desktop app. If it’s not already selected, click the Apps tab at the top of the window.
  2. You will see your installed app, as well as a list of apps you can browse and install.
    • Tip: If you don’t see the Creative Cloud icon, you may have quit the application. You can relaunch it:
      • Windows: Choose Start > Programs > Adobe Creative Cloud.
      • Mac OS: Choose Go > Applications > Adobe Creative Cloud > Adobe Creative Cloud.
  3. In the Find Additional Apps section, scroll to find the app you want to install. To filter the app list, click Filters & Versions.
  4. Click Install. Your app will begin to download. Check your download progress in the status bar next to the app’s name.
  5. To launch your new app, find the application’s icon and click Open. Your new app is installed on your computer in the same location where your applications are normally installed, such as the Program Files folder (Windows) or the Applications folder (Mac OS). You can access it the same way you access any application on your computer.

Update Creative Cloud Applications

You can find notifications for app updates on your computer's desktop. The notification appears above the Creative Cloud desktop app icon in the taskbar (Windows) or below the icon in the Apple menu bar (Mac OS).

Creative Cloud Update Window

Follow the instructions on the Adobe website to update your software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is covered under Oberlin College's Adobe Creative Cloud contract?

All active Oberlin College faculty and staff are eligible to download and install Creative Cloud and its related applications on any College-owned computer for free. Students, alumni, retirees, and emeritus faculty are not covered under this contract.

Do the Adobe Creative Cloud applications run in the cloud?

No. The Adobe Creative Cloud applications are installed on and run from individual computers just like previous versions. An internet connection is only required to download the software and for license verification at least once every 30 days. Otherwise, the software can be used offline.

How do I access the applications in Creative Cloud?

The applications are installed and run on your desktop, just like any other desktop application. The first time you download any of the individual creative apps, you automatically download Creative Cloud for your desktop. You use the Creative Cloud desktop app to access, download, and update any of the individual creative applications.

What are the system requirements to run the Adobe Creative Cloud software?

Adobe creative software applications are very resource-intensive and should only be installed on College-owned computers that meet minimum system requirements. Computers that do not meet these requirements may experience slowness and other performance issues as a result.

See Adobe's Creative Cloud System Requirements for the most current information. If you're not sure if your computer meets the requirements, contact the CIT Help Desk for assistance.

Can I use the software I download from Creative Cloud on more than one machine?

Yes. You can download and install Creative Cloud desktop applications on multiple computers, regardless of operating system. However, activation is limited to two machines per individual associated with the membership.

If you install on a third computer, the software will require you to de-activate on the other two computers. You can then reactivate one of the previous two computers, and use Creative Cloud apps on it.

How can I get training on how to use Adobe software?

Oberlin College Media Center - located in the Academic Commons in Mudd Center, the OCMC is staffed by students that provide assistance related to digital media and tools

Adobe Learn & Support - tutorials, manuals, troubleshooting, and more

Adobe TV - video tutorials

Adobe Education Exchange - instructional and professional development resources for instructors

Which Adobe applications are available?

Creative Cloud suite | System Requirements

CIT also offers a version of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for faculty and staff members that is available without the Creative Cloud tools.

Do I have online file storage with Adobe Creative Cloud

Yes. Your Adobe Creative Cloud account comes with 20 Gb of online storage so that your files are available to you anywhere and on any device or computer. You can preview many creative file types directly in a web browser on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. These file types include: PSD, AI, INDD, JPG, PDF, GIF, PNG, Photoshop Touch, Ideas, and others.

More information on browsing, syncing, and managing these assets is available on Adobe's website.

Can I keep Adobe applications on my computer after I leave the College?

No. The terms of the contract require that Oberlin College employees uninstall the Oberlin-licensed Adobe software upon separation from the College.