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What is Village Housing?

"Village Housing" is the term used for more independent-style student housing, including Firelands, Union Street Housing, and some older homes in Oberlin that have been bought by the College. CIT does not provide the network access for the Village Housing provided in most of these older homes. The College contracts with the Cable Co-op in town for that networking service. The Village Housing locations for which CIT does provide the networking capability are:

  • the Union Street Housing complex
  • 137, 140, 148, and 150 Elm Street
  • Firelands

These above-listed locations all have both wired and wireless network connectivity, supplied and serviced by CIT. Note: Wireless in Firelands is in common rooms only.

WiFi in Village Houses

The service provided by the Cable Co-op is used to provide network access, in general, to older homes, homes that were not originally wired for such capability. Most of these locations do not have the conduit capability to allow connectivity via the College's network cabling system. Significant funding would have been required to tie into the College's network infrastructure. The College was, thus, fortunate to have the local Cable Co-op infrastructure, already in place providing other services, i.e., cable television, to use for Village Housing network connectivity. So, physical network connectivity is made in Village Housing units via the Cable Co-op's cable TV infrastructure, but the connection then receives an Oberlin College IP (Internet Protocol - i.e., network) address and uses the College's bandwidth for further processing.

The WiFi SSID (identifier) is "ObieVillage" and should be accessible in all student bedrooms and common areas.

Problems with the network in Village Houses should be reported directly to Cable Coop at 775-4001, including as much detailed information about the problem as possible. The Cable Coop will schedule a service visit if necessary to resolve the problem directly with the resident who submits the report.

Passwords to Village Housing Routers

All passwords to Village Housing routers provided by Oberlin College follow the pattern: wifi4[resident's address], standing for "WiFi for [resident's address]." So, if you live at 170 Woodland, your password would be "wifi4170".

If your address is only 2 digits long, you'll need to add a 0 in front of your address for a total of four digits. So, if you live at 62 N. Main, your password would be "wifi4062".