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This document is about the hardware that CIT supports. Looking for software? Check out the Software Support Policy.


CIT is an Apple Authorized Service Provider and an authorized service center for the HP professional line of computers. That means that all Macs and any HP professional line computers checked in to the Help Desk can receive full hardware support, have parts replaced and hardware upgrades performed without violating the warranty.

CIT maintenance technicians may be able to provide limited hardware support for computers outside of these two categories (e.g., Dell, Acer, Gateway, Samsung) such as installing a hard drive which tends to be standard on most computers but in most cases this will void the warranty. Therefore, CIT requires that computers other than these brands be out-of-warranty before we will provide hardware service on them.


CIT provides full support for CIT-provided networked Hewlett Packard printers, including setup, installation of software drivers and hardware repairs. Normal consumables, such as toners and replacement fusers, must be provided by the departments.

CIT does not provide support for the Konica multifunction copier/printers supplied and maintained through Blue Technologies.

CIT provides partial support for personal laser printers (those connected directly to a single computer, not on the network) from Hewlett Packard, Samsung and other manufacturers when purchased through the Technology Store. Partial support includes setup and driver installation, and minimal trouble-shooting. If there appears to be warranty-covered hardware issues, the user will be directed to the manufacturer's support process. For out-of-warranty problems, we recommend the purchase of a replacement printer.