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Sponsored Accounts are accounts issued to guests in order to have access to use open-use computer labs on campus or for printing authentication. Guests do not need an account if they simply wish to connect to the network using their own device; they can simply connect to the wireless network called ObieWiFi.

Oberlin College faculty and staff members as well as certain campus offices have the ability to create sponsored accounts. It will be the responsibility of the Oberlin College account holder who creates the sponsored account to vouch for the identity of the person who is to use the account and to ensure that individual's compliance with the Oberlin College Policy for the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources.

Getting a Sponsored Account

A sponsored account can be created by any faculty or staff member at the College or you can obtain one through the following offices:

  • the CIT Help Desk
  • Alumni Services
  • Conference Services
  • the Mudd Library Circulation Desk
  • the Conservatory Summer Programs Office
  • the Oberlin Inn

Creating a Sponsored Account

  1. If you haven’t already read Oberlin College’s "Policy for the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources", please do so by visiting http://www.oberlin.edu/cit/policies/acceptableuse.html
  2. Log in to the Sponsored Accounts website using your ObieID. (Note: if you're off campus, you'll need to use VPN to access this page.)
  3. Click Click here to add a new account.
  4. Enter the following in the Add a new sponsored account dialog box:
    • First name: first name of the individual being sponsored
    • Last name: last name of the individual being sponsored
    • Password: enter a password (minimum of 6 characters, with at least: one letter, one number, one uppercase, one lowercase)
    • Number of days: enter a numeral from 1 to 5 (default is 3)
  5. Click Submit. A receipt is shown on a web page after adding an account. This receipt can be printed and handed to the guest.
  6. To delete the account, click the link delete, which appears in the Manage Accounts grid on the far right. You will receive an acknowledgment that the account has been deleted.

Limits on Sponsored Accounts

The web page for creating accounts is available to on-campus users and off-campus VPN users, and will time-out after 15 minutes of inactivity. A person can create up to six (6) Sponsored Accounts, each of which will remain active for up to five (5) days. The guest Sponsored Account will be generated automatically and will be available for use as soon as it has been created by the sponsor.

Viewing and Editing Sponsored Accounts

  1. Log in to the Sponsored Accounts website using your ObieID. (Note: if you're off campus, you'll need to use VPN to access this page.)

Once you're logged in, you will have the ability to see any existing sponsored accounts that you've created, as well as to create and delete accounts.

Increased Capabilities

There may be cases for which the sponsored person needs the account to last longer than 5 days (e.g., a visiting faculty member), or the Oberlin sponsor needs to create more than 6 accounts at one time. To increase the number of sponsored accounts one can create, or the maximum number of days for any specific sponsored account, Oberlin College personnel should send an email request, stating the requirement for the increase, to cit@oberlin.edu.

Using a Sponsored Account

Once you've obtained a Sponsored Account, you can use these credentials to log in to any open-use computer on campus and can also use it to authenticate when printing. All Sponsored Accounts come preloaded with $2.00 of print credit (about 25 pages).

The Oberlin College sponsor who creates the account will determine the password and it cannot be changed. If a password has been forgotten or needs to be changed, the account will need to be deleted and reissued. A password must have at least 6 characters, must use only letters and numbers, and must have at least one uppercase letter and at least one lowercase letter.

Account Expiration

After expiration, Sponsored Accounts will be automatically deleted at set times. The account will appear usable until deletion.

FAQs About Sponsored Accounts

Does my guest need a sponsored account to connect to the network?

No. Sponsored accounts are only used if a guest needs to use a computer lab on campus or wishes to print.

Some temporary employees, and others such as Shansi Visiting Scholars, are not given ObieIDs. What do they do?

If the person is just here for a few days, then an Oberlin College faculty or staff member can create a Sponsored Account. If the person will be here much longer (e.g., all semester), you should contact the CIT Help Desk to request an updated allocation. To do so, send an e-mail to cit@oberlin.edu indicating the following: your contact information (e-mail address), the ObieID of the Sponsored Account, and the requested expiration date.

I created a Sponsored Account, but I need it to last for more than 5 days. What can I do?

If this is a one-time need, then send an e-mail request to cit@oberlin.edu, providing the information denoted in no. 1 above.