Printer Service Checklist

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Before submitting a service request to the CIT Help Desk for your printer, whether that be in your department, office, or lab, please use the checklists below.

What You Can Try

Sometimes a printer can be fixed with a little intervention on your part and won't need to be escalated for further service by CIT. Try these steps first:

  • Check for power. Make sure the power cable is plugged in, the surge protector is on, and the printer switch is also on.
  • Check the Ethernet connection. Unless your printer is directly connected to your personal printer, it needs to be connected to the Internet to work. Make sure the Ethernet cable is firmly plugged in.
  • If the printer has a paper jam, you can try to remedy the problem yourself.
    • Shut off the printer. Printers that are not turned off will hold the paper tightly to the rollers making it difficult or impossible to remove. Shutting the printer off first will loosen the paper.
    • Gently try to remove the paper from the jammed area.
    • If the paper tears, stop and call CIT immediately. Trying to remove the paper with a pen, scissors, tweezers or other implements may cause costly damage to the printer.
  • Change the toner. If the printer is displaying poor print quality, including smudging, shadows, or lines where they shouldn't be, replace the toner. You don't need to throw the toner away immediately. If replacing the toner resolves the problem, discard the original toner. If not, the problem is probably with another part of the printer and you can continue to use the original toner.

If these steps do not resolve the problem, enter a work order with CIT for further service.

How to Submit a Request

If all the things you've tried have failed, you'll need to let CIT know about the problem with your printer and submit a work order request. To expedite this process, make sure to include all of the following information:

  • Type of job that is printing
  • The actual error message that is shown on the printer's display
  • Name of the printer (this is displayed on a sticker that is affixed to the front or top of the printer)
  • Location of the printer and whether a staff member must be present to allow a technician to access the printer
  • Whether other people can print to this printer or if only one student or staff member is having trouble
  • The model number for the printer

Including all six of these pieces of information make it much easier for CIT to act quickly on your printer service work order without needing to follow up with you before sending a technician to your location.