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Your ObieID and password work for a number of services, including OCMail and Blackboard. If you cannot log in to one of these services, it is likely that your ObieID password has expired. Follow the steps below to get your password back in working order:

  1. If you've previously set up your password recovery questions, you can use those to reset your password at
  2. If not and you're on campus, stop by the CIT Help Desk with a photo ID during our regular business hours. You'll need to fill out a short form and your password can be reset within the hour. For security reasons, you must appear in person and present a photo ID.
  3. If not and you're off campus, get us a copy of your photo ID, your ObieID username and contact information. You can either email us–scan or photograph your ID with a digital camera or webcam on your laptop and email it to–or send a fax to (440) 775-8573.