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What is ObieID?

Your ObieID is your main Oberlin College account. It is used to access most online services at Oberlin College, including OCMail, Blackboard, OnCampus, personal websites, group websites, VPN, lab computers and certain software.

For security reasons, ObieID passwords expire every 122 days. You will receive an email message ten days prior to expiration to remind you to change your password.

What does an ObieID look like?

Your ObieID will normally follow the form: first initial of first name, followed by first seven characters of last name. Thus, if your name is Martha Washington, your ObieID will be mwashing.

All ObieIDs are unique forever, so if there happen to be two people on campus whose ObieID should be "mwashing," the second person's ObieID will have a digit appended with letters of the last name included to equal a total of 8 characters. Thus, Martha Washington and Mark Washington would be assigned mwashing and mwashin2, respectively.

If my ObieID is mwashing, why do I also have a email address?

Each person with an ObieID is also assigned an alias in the form You cannot use this email address to log in to OCMail, Blackboard or other places that require your ObieID, but you can use it to receive and send email.

Getting an ObieID

All New Obies will receive an ObieID username and an initial password. You'll need to complete a few simple steps before using your ObieID for the first time.

New Students

Students' ObieID information letter is sent out in waves during late May to all incoming students who paid their matriculation deposit before the May 1st deadline. The Registrar's Office will continue run these letters once or twice a week and send them out to all new students who have paid their matriculation deposit. If you have paid the deposit to Oberlin, you should look for your letter in the mail in the next few business days following your payment.

New Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff should request an ObieID prior to arrival by filling out the New Staff Account Request Form.

Setting Up ObieID

Before you'll be able to use your ObieID for the first time, you'll need to use OCPass to set up your password recovery questions, optional cell phone number for SMS text recovery, optional alternative email address for recovery, and change your password.

Enrolling in OCPass

Enrolling in OCPass enables you to recover your password in the event that you forget it or it expires. To enroll:

  1. Navigate to and search for the "Change Your Password" task.
  2. Enter your ObieID and click I Agree.
  3. Click Continue to begin the enrollment process.
  4. Enter the temporary password issued to you by CIT when you received your ObieID.
  5. Choose your password recovery questions and set responses for each. Choose Continue.
  6. If desired, enter your cell phone number to recover your password via text messaging. Click Continue.
  7. If desired, enter an alternative email address to recover your password via a code sent to your email. To proceed, you'll need to retrieve and enter the code sent to your alternative email address. Click Continue.
  8. Click Continue and Sign Out.

Changing Your Password

  1. Navigate to and search for the "Change Your Password" task.
  2. Enter your ObieID and click I Agree.
  3. Click Change Password.
  4. Enter the temporary password gave you as the "Old Password" and set a new password. New passwords must not be a previously used password, not contain a dictionary word or your username, must have at least eight characters, and contain one digit.
  5. Click Continue. A series of green checkmarks will indicate that your password has been changed successfully.
  6. Click Sign Out.

I legally changed my name. How can I get my ObieID to match?

Send an email to containing the details of the change and, if you have not already, notify the Registrar (for students) or Human Relations (for faculty and staff). CIT will contact the appropriate office and ensure that the name has formally been changed with the College. Then, we will contact you to let you know that the ObieID change has been completed. Please visit the Name Change FAQs page for more details about the process.

Password Troubleshooting

Haven't set your password recovery questions? Password change won't work? Please visit the Password FAQs for additional assistance or contact the CIT Help Desk.