OCMail and Android

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Setting up OCMail on Android

  • Open the Applications drawer and select Settings.
  • Select the option for Accounts or Accounts and Sync (depending on which device).
  • Select Add account.
  • Select Google.
  • The screen that appears has a heading of "Add a Google Account" with a brief description. Select Next.
  • Select the second option labeled Already have a Google Account? Sign in
  • Sign in with your username as "ObieID@oberlin.edu" and your email password.
  • Once the device communicates with Google's servers, it will display three options to sync: "Email", "Calendar", and "Contacts". Select the checkbox for all three, then select Finish.

Accessing OCMail on Android

  • To access your mail, open the GMail app (Not the "Email" or "Mail" apps)
  • In the upper right hand corner of the GMail app, you will see your email address.
  • Press on it and it will display your accounts.
  • Select your Oberlin address and it will display all of your email.