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Get help with OCDrive powered by Google directly from Google's website here.

What is OCDrive?

OCDrive is another web application powered by Google in coordination with OCMail. At its simplest, OCDrive provides online storage for documents, Word documents, OpenOffice, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents. OCDrive also allows you to share those documents with colleagues, create new documents, edit documents that you've already uploaded, all from the web.

Logging in to OCDrive

Start using OCDrive by visiting http://ocdocs.oberlin.edu. If you're already logged in to OCApps, you'll be directed right to the OCDrive page. If not, you'll be first be directed to a login page (use your ObieID and password here) and then send along to OCDrive. Alternatively, if you're already logged into OCApps, you can choose Drive from among the apps in the upper-left hand corner of any page. If you have been shared a document that you should have permissions to edit, but can only view and not make changes to the document, it may be because you are not logged in. Log in, and try to access your document again.

Limits on Documents


Each document can be up to 500K, plus up to 2MB per embedded image. You can upload documents from any of the following file formats:

  • HTML
  • Plain text (.txt)
  • Microsoft Word
  • .rtf
  • Open Office (.odt)
  • You have a combined limit of 5000 documents and presentations and 5000 images.
  • Spreadsheets

Common Questions

Someone sent me a document to edit, but I can't make changes, only view it. What should I do?

Log in to your OCApps account. If you've clicked through your e-mail and reached the page, you can view the document, but not make changes to it until you are logged in.

A document was created in Google Docs and was linked elsewhere (e.g., on Blackboard) but I cannot view it. What should I do?

Login to Google Docs and then return to the place where the document is linked. It should display properly.