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CIT does not require your Ethernet (MAC) address for authenticating game systems but problems can still occur.

Nintendo Wii

The Wii may not be able to connect or sometimes even see our wireless network because it's designed for home routers. We recommend using a wired Ethernet adapter with your Wii instead of trying to connect it wirelessly.

New Game Releases

We don't deliberately block game access with our firewall or other network gear, but once in a while a new game comes out that is misidentified as something we are blocking. Often we just need to wait a bit until we get an update from our vendor that properly classifies the communications as the new game. Sometimes we need to do a bit more digging, and then having the IP address of your game console is useful.

If you are having problems connecting your game system or playing a new game, let us know at and we'll see what can be done.