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FileZilla is free, open source FTP software and is CIT's recommended choice for file transfer.

Use with Banner

CIT's recommends FileZilla to Banner users who need to securely transmit files to and from the Banner database server.

A prerequisite to transferring files from the database server is to have an account created for you on the database server, with a special IP address to allow your desktop machine to connect to the database server. If you’re already using another kind of file transfer software, then that prerequisite has been met.

If you do not yet have file transfer software configured, please download the FileZilla client from their website and have your Banner module leader contact someone in CIT's Administrative Computing Services (ACS) group to obtain the account and IP address for you and give you assistance with installation and use.

Other Uses

FileZilla can also be used to transfer files to websites hosted on Oberlin College servers. ( for old Oberlin web pages)

Download the FileZilla client and use your organization's ObieID and password to log in, browse files, and edit existing HTML/CSS.

If you have additional questions or would like to meet to discuss your various website options for a College-affiliated site, contact the CIT Trainer to schedule an appointment.

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