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If I'm an emeritus faculty member, can I install CrashPlan?

No. At this time, we are only able to back up computers College/Conservatory-owned faculty and staff computers. We do not have the resources to backup additional computers.

Can I install CrashPlan on my home, personal, or spouse's computer?

No. CIT is only able to back up computers that have been provided to you by the College and are used for College work.

Do I need to use both TimeMachine and CrashPlan if I have a Mac with a provided external drive?

No. CrashPlan is considered a replacement for TimeMachine and you do not need to continue backing up in both places. Once you have installed CrashPlan, you can stop using your TimeMachine drive for regular backups.

Can I use CrashPlan to restore an older version of a file similar to the functionality provided by Time Machine?

Yes. You can restore an individual file from CrashPlan and choose whether you want the most recent or an older copy of that file.

What is the difference between CrashPlan and Dropbox?

CrashPlan is a straight data-backup service while Dropbox is primarily a file sharing and collaboration tool. CrashPlan backs up your entire computer every 15 minutes and can be used to restore your hard drive exactly as it was in the event of a crash whereas Dropbox only allows you to copy those documents that you uploaded to it.

CIT recommends that you backup your College computer with CrashPlan but continue to use Dropbox too if you find the functionality helpful for sharing documents with yourself or others across devices.

I get an error message that says "Cannot connect to backup engine."

This error message most often occurs for users whose computers are Macs running OS 10.6.8. Contact the CIT Help Desk for assistance in upgrading your computer to a newer operating system.

I get an error message that says "Unable to sign in."

This error message occurs when you enter an incorrect ObieID and password combination. You should use your ObieID username (e.g. jdoe) and the password you use to log in on Blackboard or to get email. If that doesn't work, please contact the CIT Help Desk for assistance.

I received an email from Code42 <> with the subject line Warning : [COMPUTERNAME] not backed up

CrashPlan sends email notifications to let you know when it fails to back up. These notifications will be sent from Code42 <>. This happens in the case of failure as well as when your computer is asleep or turned off; if you get a notification after the end of a long weekend or vacation, there's no need to worry. CrashPlan will continue to back up normally when you restart your computer. If, however, you receive a notification when your computer has been up and running for a while, please contact the CIT Help Desk for assistance in getting your backup working properly.

Want to change the frequency of your notification settings?