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Before providing access to the college network, CIT must first verify that all computers that are going to connect to the network are free of viruses and other malware, and are updated. In order to do this, we use a solution known as Network Access Control (NAC).

Users connecting to the network are directed to a CIT web page with a link to our Acceptable Use Policy and a section for logging in, using one's ObieID username (e-mail/network username) and password.

SafeConnect Login Page

Once the login is complete, the user's computer (or other device) is authorized for connection to the network and the computer then has access to the Internet and all applicable campus network resources.

This system will be used for all student, faculty, staff and guest computers connecting on campus. In this way, all computers connecting to the college network are checked for viruses and updates.

What Do I Need to Do?

Simply open your internet browser and enter your ObieID and password to authenticate. For more information on obtaining an ObieID and password, please see details on Sponsored Accounts.

How will authentication affect my daily work habits?

The only change to your daily work habit you will see is at the point you will need to re-authenticate. An internet browser window will launch which will in turn bring up the “Login” page. Use your ObieID and password to get authenticated to the Oberlin College network.

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