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Introducing ... Again!

You may recall that CIT offered a campus-wide subscription to, an online training library that teaches the latest software, creative, and business skills through high-quality instructional videos taught by recognized industry experts. It's back! What would normally cost $25 per month for a private license is free for Oberlin College students, faculty, and staff and allows access to all of the video courses on the site.

How do I begin using

Visit and enter your Oberlin email address. will then send you an email containing a link that you'll need to click to verify. From there, you're in!

Finding Content on

You can search for topics on in several ways. Click here to watch a helpful video about ways to find content on on Mobile Devices

The free apps for iOS, Android, and Kindle allows you to download courses to watch whenever you want - even when there is no Internet available. Watch courses on your mobile device while connected to the internet or download as many courses as you like to multiple devices to watch offline.

Mobile Devices
Android iOS Amazon
Download on Google Play Download on iTunes Download for Kindle
Android App FAQs iOS App FAQs

Recommended Playlists

Recommended Playlists
Student Success Software & Productivity Tools Teaching Professional Development Entering the Workforce for Instructors or Managers

Faculty and administrators can create and share course playlists. These can be made available via your Blackboard course, a web page, or any other method by which you share information with your students or employees. To learn to use these features, watch creating and managing your playlists and sharing your playlists from

When an individual has viewed all the movies in a course, they can earn a certificate of completion for that course. Students and employees can then share these certificates with professors, supervisors, or prospective employers. For more, watch printing and sharing certificates of completion from

Interested in contributing a video course?


Click here for FAQ.

Note: Please ignore any references to fees. As an Oberlin College student, faculty or staff member, is free for you to use and you have access to all exercise files and materials the service offers.

Technical Assistance

If you have trouble logging into your account please contact the CIT Help Desk at or 440-775-8197.

For questions about or assistance using the service, please contact Customer Service.



1 (888) 33-LYNDA 1 (888) 335-9632

International +1 (805) 477-3900


Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM-8:00 PM PT

Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 AM-7:00 PM PT

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